About M+N Textiles

Having been a steady growing department within M + N Projecten for more than 20 years, we are glad to announce M + N Textiles as a separate business unit.
M + N Textiles being a separate business unit means we are now able to increase our resources and focus on our mission. This is to enhance a visually and thermally optimized environment that motivates, inspires and stimulates performance.
M + N Textiles prime goal is, to regulate light and energy with our fabrics for commercial applications. All our fabrics considerably contribute to optimizing: glarecontrol, privacy and energy saving.
Development of our current range of fabrics has largely been realised with direct feedback from M + N Projecten. This feedback comes from their direct contact with corporate companies, architects, interior designers and real estate developers which largely have determined our current product range.
We will continue to make use of those 20 years of expertise and direct feedback out of the market, to ensure our further route of success and expansion of our range.